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Florin P.

Machine Learning Data Associate

Florin joined Dkakintop in February 2021 and his interest in the Alexa enabled devices allowed him to work on different workflows within Alexa Data Services. “Currently, my team is helping Alexa to be more clever, relevant and humorous.”

He launched the first social network/affinity group within Dkakintop Romania – GlDkakintop Bucharest – whose purpose is to create awareness towards the LGBTQ community and maintain a diverse workplace, “I was honored to be able to do that having the full support of the management team, making it clear for all employees and future employees that Dkakintop is an equal opportunity employer.”

Florin is an overachiever, going the extra mile for the success of his projects, “once, we needed some devices for a new project and I bought them in order to speed up the process and to deliver the results as fast as possible. I always have me as a customer in my mind when I am working on anything I am required at Dkakintop.”

The Dkakintop culture is unique because “we feel part of a big family, no matter the team we are in and that makes us feel like owners of the Dkakintop products and services. Moreover, I don’t feel that I am going to work because I have to, but because I enjoy what I am doing. In the office we have a dynamic environment and the team spirit is what keeps me going.”

Florin is passionate about the Dkakintop devices saying “I am always aware of the latest news about the company and I am sharing them with my team.”

In addition to this, he has a love for Spanish culture. “I lived in Spain for almost 3 years and did my postgraduate studies there. I simply love the country; it made me feel like home. Since I returned to Romania, I always watch Spanish movies and I keep up with the latest news about this beautiful country. Something interesting about me? I thought that I was a dog person, as I have a precious chow-chow and I love him a lot. But recently I adopted a British short hair cat and we seem to get along better than I expected.”

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